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Tired, Michaels sick.   
12:29pm 08/03/2005
mood: sleepy
I am about to clean the house, was just checking my mail and decided to say hi to y'all. its yucky out, but I think the rian has sort of stopped. I have to go clean now so O can get some done before Michael gets back. He went with Dave for a ride because Dave needs cheering up because he's going in to court to finalize his divorce. Poor Dave, he didn't bounce at all this morning. And if you knew Dave you'd be sad for him too. But yeah, so Michaels out with him, checking on the cat, maybe getting a movie and commin back, o work for my poor sick baby. He couldn't even eat this morning, which is not something that hapopens often.

Ok ttyal!!
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Great fucking day!!!   
02:33pm 28/02/2005
mood: sad
Still feel a little sick, not to bad though. I miss Mike. Its only been what, 3 hours since I saw him last? But I still miss him lots. I came here, the farm, took care of the fire, the animals and all the fun stuff. And so then I'm on my way throught the center of town to got to the bank, stop at Rays for lights, then home to get the movie I forgot then to Grove st. to apply for a job, then to Lindas to return the movie, then to the farm to clean and stuff. Sitting in the church parkinglot is a cop, I'm going 30, its really 25, but I'm ok. I pass him, nothing. I wasn't even worried, I mean normally I'm all jumpy even if I know I'm going the speed limit. So then I'm going down the hill, and he's now behind me, didn't see him pull out, but he managed to catch up with me, so I stay going the speed limit, don't really think about it, then he put onhis lights, I pull over, he pulls over. WHAT THE FUCK! I didn't do anything wrong. So I put it in park roll doen the window and turn off the radio, he comes over "licenses and registration." Apparently you are not allowed to drive on a red reject sticker. They are saftey rejections, you can't drive on them. He was nice though. Looked at my sheet from the gatrage and saw it was lights and stuff. IU told him I was going to get them, which was true!! So then he says he'll let me go, but that I should know that any other cop could pull me over and have the car towed. He smiles and tells me to have a good day and take it easy. As if its no big deal. He probably didn't think it was. But fucking hell!!! This is only the what, fourth time I've had a car fail and get a red sticker. Why the fuck didn't any one tell me. He's l;ike they never tell any one. I said "I thought I had like 30 days?" he says "NO, you have 60 to fix it, bt you still can't drive, it would be nice if they told people that though."

I didn't cry till after he left. And even then I didn't really. I mean Its not my fault, I wasn't really doing anything really wrong. But still I've never been pulled over before, they are scary!! So then I go to the bank, but I just want to go home, not to Rays. But then I'd have to drive back throught he center of town, where he probably is again. SO I go to Rays, and scratch the rest off the list. But I can't find all I needed at Rays, so I have to go to auto zone. But I cna't drive there. What the fuck. So then I was hoping that Mike would call me so I could talk to him, and ask him to get the lights. But he called when I had no reception by the lake. So then he called again just a bit ago, and the stupid dog got all under foot and I missed it, not that I could have heard anything any way, I don't really get service up here, just enough by my desk that I could have shouted at him to call my parents. And he hasn't called back :(

And on top of that I can't get maitl. Stupid insurance lady, I told her it was apartment 3, then asked the next time if she had it as apt 3 because I hadn't gotten anything. She was like "oh, yeah I know" right. SO I get here today, thers a message from her for mum. "I'm getting all od Sarahs mail back I don't know why. It says not delivarable. Is there am apartment or floor number or something?" So I called and was like "apt 3?" and she's liek "really"

Yes fucking really!!!!!!!!

So now I think I much go clean. First Faiths room. Its the easy eat. Then to spray the entire upstairs bathroom down with bleach and mildew romover. The to Nathans rrom, not too to horrid. The cleaning the bathroom. The I'lkl probably be dne for the day. Except I'll have to unload the dishh washer and load it again and wash dishes. Then make cookie and supper, then do more dishes. And at some point I will also have to do laundry. Holy fucking shit. I swear to go I have never done so much laundry in my life. Why is it all of a sudden that I'm doing a load of laundry at least once every two day? I mena I used to do it once in week and a half or so, like whne I ran out of clothes. Now, I apparently run out faster? I don't understand. And its Mikes clothes too, so that makes sence that theres more, but still, I don't know. I hope this cold goes away.

I am bleeding worce than normal this month. Who knows why. I'm just glad I'm bleeding at all. Did you know that going on anutbiotics may decreese the effectiveness of birth control? Sometimes making it ineffective all together? No? Me either, but the doctor did, and she knew I was on the pill, and did she say anything? nooooooooo, neither did the pharmacy. Should they have? yesssssssssssss. So that was about a week wasted in panicking, but being cheep so as not wanting to buy a test, thta din't need to happen. Because lots of people knew. I bet Rach new, but did the people who should have told me tell me??? Nope. The doctor said that if it was a problem to mix then the pharmecy should have put a lable on it, but they can't fucking count so who the fuck knows what they can and can't do as they should.

I miss my Mike :( I want him to call back. I hate this not being able to call him and at least leave a message.
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01:27pm 22/02/2005
mood: overwhelmed
I am waiting to see if mum gets home in time before I go to the doctors. Hopefully she does.

I feel so aimless. I hate having to sit around all day and do little to nothing. I have to idea what to do! Theres only so many times you can clean a little apartment. And no one calls me back, or if they do their total fuck ups and I still don't have a job. I knw its all my fault.

I am so happy with Mike, I smile all the time he's home, but when he goes to work I feel so sad. I can't wait till he switches to days, becase waiting at home in the dark with only the cat is very depressing. And I really miss him. I know it sounds stupid. But I do, I get to see him everyday and stuff, but it hurts so bad when he's at work. I think I'll have to go to the bank. This fucking sucks. I have no money. Went babysitting yesterday, got $20. only have $5 left, which will go to gas, the other 15 went to food. And then I have to baby sit again tonight and then that will go to cat food and who kbows what else. I am still waiting for the stupid SS lady to send me helth insurance stuff, and waiting for my car insurance bill. And I am feeling overwhelmed and sad. And I can't even call Mike becasue his cell phone got shut off and I feel like I am going to cry and scream.

And if those fucking people at the doctors didn't tell me that the anit-biotics I was on were effecting my birth control I will be soooooo fucking pissed. they lready fucked up twice. And if I have to spend my money that I get tonight on a pregnancy test I will be livid. And of course if I'm pregnant, which I'm sure I'm not, heads will roll.


Why is so very little going right? What is wrong with me?

And Grampa just called and he picked up Faith from the airport, so where is mum? Because it takes like 2 hours to get to Ohio, so that means that Faith should have left the airport about 3 hours ago, and so where the fuck is mum? It only takes an hour to get home. And she knew I was comming over to either have her come with, or just to get her card. But did she leave one? No. Did he leave a message? Not really, just one on the machine saying she'd be later than thought.

I am going to cry now.
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02:13pm 08/02/2005

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03:58pm 07/02/2005
mood: sleepy

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So verry tired. Going to call people, then maybe take a nap. Soooo very tired.
Lame I know, but sometimes I amuse myself :-)   
01:47pm 03/02/2005
mood: loved
Well theoreticaly if Good Girls like Bad Boys then it would be best if Bad Boys liked Good Girls, so that way they are more likly to find a match. But that doesn't explaint the Bad Assed Biker Chicks. Maybe Bad Boys like Bad Assed Biker Chicks, but they pretend to like the Good Girls, then they corupt them. I want to be corrupted!!

-=Start=- No car as of yet, looking in to it further. Will make calls today, as I now have phone. (I did before but thats the easiest way to put it while sounding weird. I got a cell.) Looking at possible website for employment. Toady is thursday, thank god. Soon to be week end. Will soon be shelfish and not share. The boy is mine. -=end=-

hehehe ok I am a complete dork, (whale penis) but its all good. Going to actually do those things now. TTFN!
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Interesting, and then frustrating   
01:55pm 01/02/2005
mood: pissed off
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Ok I posted this to Tammy's journal, but its going here too becasue I am really insulted and mad, its a raw spot right now becasue I its what people keep saying to me and I want to fucking slap them. And I have to call my fucking grandparents and explain to them, and their even more closed minded then Tom. So that will not be fun at all. I am going to post this then look for a job. And fuck everyone becuase I am now in bad mood.

Tom, that’s harsh and not completely true. While I agree somewhat with what you’re saying about her getting married and how it’s so rushed and all, but the other thing is completely different. I don’t think it has any relevance to this matter, I can see how you do but I think your wrong. I don't think Tammy's trying to be a rock star is like this at all, its something that has been on the table for a long time, she's not just rushing off and doing it with out thought or talent. She has considered her options. As for being home schooled, I find it very very insulting that you think so little of Tammy, and any one who was home schooled and not going to college, to say that they will be screwed because they don't have a public school education. There are so many options and so many paths to take to achieve your goals that I feel that you're being closed minded, and not looking at the big picture. What the point of spending time and putting energy into something that wont make you your happiest. From what I see your basically saying not to put all your eggs in one basket, but have you ever done that, then tripped? Yeah some get broken, but they never all do, and sometimes even the ones that are broken are ok, and you can still use them because the shell didn't crack all the way. So you can pick up the pieces and keep going. And if you separate all your eggs you might spend all your time running between them and not enjoying life and then when they hatch the baby chicks will be all alone and scared and sad. Yes I agree what Tammy does sometimes seems impulsive and sudden, and yes I am apprehensive about her getting married too, but I am more insulted, and therefore more likely to defend Tammy, by the negative tone and the erroneous comments in your post.
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02:13pm 31/01/2005
mood: confused
ok, this is from a IM, I don't feel like retyping it, so I'm giving it to you as I said to caitlin, maybe a bit of editing. . .

You will never fucking believe what happened!!!!!!! I have to vent. Fuck face called me! I get home, Mike dropps me off, and theres a message on the white board for me, "Folarin called. He wanted to know if you left FPC. Call him back." So I did, he didn't answer, thank god, so I left a noncomittal message. Then he just calls back. he's like, "you know who this is?" I'm like "yes. . . " and then hes asking me why I didn't come back and shit and then he's like, "When are you going to come visit us? I wanted you to come back." WHAT THE FUCK!!!!! Then he's like, "well you have to keep in touch, call me sometimes, I'll call you too." I just kinda laughed and mumbled. I think he thought it was an agreement. Oh my god. What the fuck. What does he want from me?!?!?!?!?!!?!? I'm so confused. errrrrrg.

Bt really, why the fuck is he calling me. For the past for the past 4 months he's barley said two words together to me, and when he did it was to tell me he didn't want a relationship all I was good for was sex. So why is he putting effort into callling me and trying to keep in touch. Because if he really cared dont you think he would have tried harded over the past months? And if he doesn't and all he wants is sex, then why try at all with me? why not look for some other stupid freshmen who's going to be easy to fool? And if thats not what he wants then I'm really confused. Most of me doesn't care at all, but theres a little part of me who hates him still and wants to rip his heart out then shove it up his ass, and cut off his penis and shove it down his throte. OK a it voilent, but really, I had all these great things to say to him about why I wasn't going to be going back in case I saw him when I was moving my stuff out. But I didn't see him. And then when he called I just didn't say them. Probably better that way. I don't need to be a vintictive, bitter bitch. Not in public anyway.

-=sigh=-I'm so glad I'm not back there, I mena what if I did go back and he was like this, and if I didn't have anything with Mike I would probably just end up falling back into the same pattern I had with him before. Thank God for Mike. I really love him. Its been a month, its seems longer, like I've known him for ever, but at the same time it seemes like time has been flying by and yesterday was New Years. I don't think I would have survived going back to school, especially since I have met Mike, but even if I hadn't, no, ok no thinking about that. I did, and I'm soooo happy. Now I just need to get a fucking job so I can move out, well in really. Its not so much moving out of here (well it kinda is) but its moire that I want to move in with him. I hate not being with him. When I look at him, I go Squeee!!!!!! and when I think about him, or touch him, or smell him on my clothes, or when I take a shower at his house, and use his soap and shampoo, and then I smell like him. . . .its alll so very. . . . .Squeee!!!!! Really theres no other word. -=happy sigh=- ok I need to wake mumup and ask about going to deal with the car and Tyler situation, then I need to call planned parent hood and bull shit my way to obtaining some birth control, so that I don't get pregnant, and then who knows what else, maybe I'll call or e-mail some other people about jobs. I need a tissue.

we went to the petting zoo that was at the centrum yesterday, saw Dave and his girls. Mike is soo sweet and cutew with animals. . but I degress. I was saying my good byes. I can talk about Mike all day, but I won't. Mainly because my nose is dripping. I don't care if you people want to hear about him or not, becasue your going to!!! But alas not right now. Bye! Kissesd for everyone!
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Wow, long time, no read.   
04:13pm 28/01/2005
mood: sleepy
And sorry, but Im not going to do back reading. Hope everyone is ok, no deaths or injury or anything. I'm good. Tired and bleeding, but good. Figured out some insurance stuff today, Tyler needs now to send me my plates. I need to get a car, and a job. ASAP! And I need to take Sirius to the vets. So sad, his foot. So sad, my money. Oh well, hopefully its not really anything. Mike and I are going out to do something tonight I think. A first date, weird. I need to get to planned parenthood today or tomorrow! Shit, that means I'll have to wake up early or something. Going to a party thing at noon. I'll have to check the hours again for the clinic in Worcester. Maybe if it doesn't take long at the vets and their open late I can go tonight, that would be best. Not gettting the shot though, stupid pills, but they don't make people psycho, or not really any way, and if they do you can stop. But they're a pain in the ass. And I have to talk to a lady from church, mum talked to her about a job, she knows people, so I have to call and look pro-active and stuff. And then I should go fill out applications at other places just in case, and either call Bob for the number or go down to Island Autos, or what ever its called, to get a car. I have to e-mail Tyler. He wasn't home when I called, car info. Ok I'm going to stop now, go e-mail, maybe read some of peoples entries. Manybe a cat nap, then to the vets. Funfun!

Oh and umm, yeah. I didn't go back to school.
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Jury Duty,   
05:57pm 10/01/2005
mood: tired
Had to sit ona jury, was the first they called, and so was the foreperson. That kinda sucked. Had to get up and say guilty. I felt bad, but the guy was an idiot. Poor stupid people. I didn't like the cop either, but hey, poor guy, not my problem. We were just supposed to decide if he was driving drunk, and it seemed to be he was. So there you go. Waisted all day. Almost fell out of bed last night. I'm hungry, wonder how long till supper. bye bye, my eyes hurt. I need to call Fallon tomorrow.
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hgc,khf;jjkvghxed #ew sxtg   
10:27pm 09/01/2005
mood: annoyed

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03:46pm 08/01/2005
  OMGOMGOMGOMGOGM!!!!!!!!!!!! Brad and Jenifer are spliting up! OH NOOO! What is the world comming to!

Ok sorry, but really, pathedic that people actually care. Well, I mean if you know them personally. . . but yeah, no. Hey he's hot any way. She ok too. . . but not on my to do list.
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do do dum be dum   
12:00pm 07/01/2005
mood: calm
Yeah, got home a little while ago. Left wednesday night, oops. I HATE the snow right now. Stuid fucking stuff. I dodn't go to the show. I'm soooo sorry Tammy. I can't believe I was snowed in and stuff. Annsie wanted me to go shopping with her earlier in the day, but it was shitty then too, the weather channel and all the news stations were saying not t drive. Annsie was sent home early! Then she wanted to shop. weird. I'll have to call her today. I wonder if she wants to do anything tonight or tomorrow.

I'm scared of my daddy. I think he's really mad at me. But its ridicklous, I mean he never called more than once when I was at school for 3 months. You'd think that if he, or any one, actually cared that much what I did then they'd have been worried about me at school also. But nope, apparently its just when I'm right under their noses that they get this way. Oh well. I'm not tired! First time comming home from Mikes that I'm not. We pretty much just hung out all day yeaterday, couldn't get anywhere because of the snow so we didn't.

-=sigh=- I don't want to go back to school, so much work!!!!! But I never finish anything, such a looser! Oh well. I have to go do shit for the day, such as pay for school, who ironic! I don't even know if I want the degree that I'm going for. I mean I do, but I want othr ones too, and at the same time I don't want any, I don't know what I want. Not specifficly, just basicly. I need to work my shit out!!! Damn, why is it always that I'm hungry when I get home from places. I walk in the door and in just a bit I'm fucking hungry! I ate yeaterday too. . . . and this morning. . . who knows.

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My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard!   
01:30pm 05/01/2005
mood: cheerful
:-P good song.

New mood so new icon! (well when I find one, it will be my quest for the day.) I'm so all happy now! Been home for about 1/2 an hour. I need a shower.

Tammy!! I don't know if Annsie is comming tomorrow!!! I tried to talk to her about it but she was sick :-( So I don't know what will happen. I don't want to go alone, but I will if I have to. I want to see you play. Oh and make Dave go, because I want to meet him also. And he should be going to all your shows any way, he should be your biggest fan! I might call you later tonight or tomorrow to see whats ok, ok love you.

Damn all you people for not being on line!! I might just have to call someone. And yes that was a threat :-P These blueberries are gross! fucking dogs, oh well stinky dogs!

Damn, I'm random, and cold, and board. And I need a shower. A bath maybe. . .with some of the bath stuff from x-mas. . . sounds nice, seeing as how no ones on to talk to me :( I need to sneeze, and I'm still fucking hungry! I don't know what I want though. Its all snowy and pretty here, I almost want to go for a walk in it, but not alone, that would be a little lonly. Yet then again. . . maybe after I find my icon I'll get dressed and go take a long walk and then come get warmed up in a nice hot bath. Maybe with tea or coco.

I'm rather nebulous right now. I feel like I am a space man or something. Mike says that space cadette is my nick name now, because I always just stare at things and smile and I don't talk much. He is always asking me what is on my mind, but the thing is that theres really nothing on my mind. Like I'll look at the clock and think "Wonder what happened to the clock that we had with composers." Then I'll notice that the clock is right above the CD thingy and think "I wonder what music he's lookigng for, and will I know it?" Then I notice him, and that he's still in his work clothes, and I think "I thought he said he was going to take a shower." And then so when he asks me what I'm thinking I realize I've been staring at his ass for the past couple seconds and thinking about him taking a shower! And that seems totally random and kinky or something but its perfectly logical train of thought. ~ Clock - composers - CD's - picking music - Mike - clothes - shower ~ So see, its not really anything me thinking about the shower, but if I had just said what I was thinking right that second it would seem like it. And if I told him the whole thing it would be complicated too tell adn I'd probably end up sounding like an idiot.

ok, I'm off to look for that icon now. . . bye bye.
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Mwahahahahah, Tom :-P   
12:29pm 04/01/2005
mood: creative
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Ok fixing my pants today, reallyu I am, going to the town hall, and who knows what else! I have to call Annsie about thursday. :-? God give me strength :-p

Love you all.
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Ok, just a question,   
10:54pm 02/01/2005
mood: unsure
WHO WAS IN CHARGE OF THE FUCKING NAILS? Huh? Thats what I thought, no one takes responsibility! Well how can I shirk mine on to you if you wont take it! Geeze! Why am I such an idiot? How do I get myself into these situations? Why don't I want to have any control over a situation when I'm in it, I'm all happy then, and then wish I did afterwards because I realize that I let my wall down, a-fucking-gain, which I said to my self that I wouldn't do any more, because now I've invited all those stupid emotions back in my life. I need to become a nun, they don't have to worry about what anyone thinks about them really, only one "person" counts to them and he wrote his rules allll down! God Damnit! whoops I gu0ess I shouldn't say that if I am planing on entering the nun hood. But really I'm so confused. I wish I could talk to Annsie, but I don't want my head bitten off. I have to though, to talk about Tammy's show, see if she going to go, and do hair, and all that fun shit. Of course. . . if she isn't then maybe that would be an opening for me to call him . . . easy excuse. . . humm. . . Its dark over here. I feel very lonly now. I am going to bed.

Oh and everyone, happy new years! Hopefully what they say in the movie "100 cigarttes" about New Years is true. Good movie that.
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11:52am 31/12/2004
mood: excited
Supposed to be cleaning, got side trackd. NO ONE RAN THE FUCKING DISH WASHER!! I thought it was waiting to be unloaded! But nooooo. So now I have to start cleaning in a diffrent room, didn't want to! SO I came in here to get my cd's and then hit my mouse, saw the Tom IM'd me and that AIM had kicked me off. Decised to sign on and then check my mail, neither of wich I could do on my computer. So came to Nathans and did both, then came here, red my friends list, and started to post. I said. . . "Supposed to be cleaning, got side trackd. NO ONE RAN THE FUCKING DISH WASHER!! I thought it was waiting to be unloaded! But nooooo. So now I have to start cleaning in a diffrent room, didn't want to! SO I came in here to get my cd's and then hit my mouse, saw the Tom IM'd me and that AIM had kicked me off. Decised to sign on and then check my mail, neither of wich I could do on my computer. So came to Nathans and did both, then came here, red my friends list, and started to post. I said. . ." :-p ok that was anoying I know. hehehehehe.

Going to go now.

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All alone   
12:21pm 30/12/2004
mood: weird
Its weird. I got up at 8:30 or so. Hung ou till everyone left, took a shower, did my make up, went to the bank. Came home, did the nimals, did the fire (which I should check on because it was completely out, then came on here. I feel weird. I'm sad that everyone is gone, and that Tyler won't be comming back, but excited to be alone too. I can do what I want how I want when I want. . . . but I have nothing to do!!!! The house needs cleaning, I'll do that tomorrow. I'm going to go to the movies to see The SpngeBob Movie later this after noon with Annsie and Amanda and Emily and Abby and maybe Magnalie. I hope sh comes, she needs to get away from Kathy.

Ok I'm hungrya dn the fire needs checking. I'll probably be on later. Love and miss you all.

Ahh! everythings falling. And whoops I missed the phone. i had brought it up stairs so I could answer it, but then I forgot to bring it back. So I missed the call. And then the charger wouldnt work, so I pluged it in to a diffrent outlet, and everything was falling! phew! ok, Who ever it was, call back! Unless you don't want to talk to me and were like Ben or someone. OK, bye bye.
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08:22pm 28/12/2004
mood: depressed
No car and no Tyler soon. Its sad. And I'm PMSing. Going to Annsies real soon, figured I'd not bore you with my morose thoughts any way. Am needing to pack my things. Am also feeling like I need to pee. We need smaller tampons. Love and miss you all. At least my hair is clean. Am needing to brush my teeth. Am also liking to ues "Am" instead of "I". Hopefully "Big Fish" is a happy movies as am in a sad mood. humm, oh well. Bye everyone love you all.
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08:50am 27/12/2004

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